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Saiyan Aging

Saiyans age much more slowly than that of the human.  Its been tossed to speculation to how long a Saiyan will actually live.  Though its most likely to be 200 to 300 years old.  Their aging is slow thanks to their constant combating nature allowing them to maintain almost youthful appearances and qualities to fight longer in wars and battles.  Such aging comes rather gracefully to the Saiyans.

A sample of this is Vegeta, the Prince of Saiyans.  When he came to Earth, he was according to Akira Toryama's determination, 29 years old, his features and voice had yet to fully come to the deep proud voice we had come to expect.  However at the end of the Dragonball Z series he was about 50 years old.  At the end of the Dragonball GT series, his age was nearing that of 85 - 90 years old, and in his primes.

Infant - Born with a full set of hair and a tail, a Saiyan's tail is a brown color, with the normal marks and appearances of a human infant, easily comparable in strength and size.  Their tail is not full grown and is not able to hold their strength.  It is a major weakness.  The eyes are more round, their faces pudgy with baby fat.

Child - The Saiyan as a child will start to develop their muscling, and begin training for fighting.  In this time period, their hair will start to take shape of how it will be in the Adult form.  Their tails by this point are longer and drag upon the ground, often the tail growing faster than that of the child.  Growth spurts are also common in this stage as well.

Adolescent - This stage is crucial as each Adolescent Saiyan is going to learn about not only the lifestyle of being a warrior, but also are expected to start living by the Saiyan Code of Honor.  Their Growth spurts will start to ebb off in this form and their hair takes the shape that it will be for the rest of their lives.  The hair growth stops at their targeted length and grows no more.  If its going to be long, then it stops growing when its long.  If it were going to be short it tends to stop growing earlier on in their Adolescent years.

Young Adult - Here is where they are expected to fully live by the Saiyan Code of Honor.  This is also the time their eyes will start to sharpen and their black eyes larger within.  In these years, they find that their powers develop much more after a battle and their potentials start to come through.

Prime - In their primes, this usually means that a couple changes have occurred.  First, the fur on the tail becomes a brown color with dark undertones, and the eyes become more set and sharper.  Their bodies are well defined by this point and also they are gaining wisdom in battle and tactics.

Older - Though not much more changes, the tail becomes a darker brown, almost like that of a chocolate color.  Their wisdom and intellect by this point are cunning and very sharp.  They are in peak condition and still able to go into battle.  These experienced warriors are very hard to defeat.

Elderly - The tail of the Saiyan becomes all black and their features start to show age mostly within their expressions, becoming battle wise and training others.  Their wisdom is vast and their ability to fight is not as good as it used to be, but comes time when the Saiyan begins to lose their abilities by nature.

     Fun Fact:  When looking at the pictures, gaze upon the deep widows peak of Vegeta's hairline as the tops become rounded and come down more Also the way the face is set will also tell you what stage he's at!

Saiyan Physiology

Saiyans were in appearance a humanoid form, looking much like that of a human save for a few outer attributes that set them apart, that of a thick furred belt, the shape and color of the eyes, and the gravity defying hair.  However, this is going to go in depth on their physiology and really look at why a Saiyan's build is truly adapted to hard fights and withstand powerful attacks.

Heads - A Saiyan's head is the first indicator that they are something different and more adapted to the hard life of a Warrior.  Their skulls are thicker and the part containing their brain would be wider, making more of a triangle at the bottom and a rounded top.  On the bottom half of their face set more in bone is the face, smaller than that of humans, it gave them a smaller facial area making it harder to land a direct fist to face attack.  With a cartilege padding inside, headbutts would be effective but not damaging to them helping to keep from serious injury like that of concussions, severe head injuries, or even brain damage.

Neck - The second main difference comes to their well muscled necks, shorter than a normal humans by about one quarter.  This allowed still a full range of motion but it made it harder to hit their necks, a vulnerable place upon them.

Torso and Arms - The chest area would have been greater proportioned to the rest of his body, holding lungs powerful enough to hold air for up to half an hour.  Their arms were in direct proportions to their upper frame much like that of a human's own, only their internal structures would be able to take harder hits and with denser bone structure they were able to take hard falls and hits without sustaining much damage or broken bones, though it was not impossible.  Their upper torso however would have been shorter so the ribs covered the more important aspects such as their heart and lungs.

Legs and Feet - The legs would have been longer for greater reach potentials, and feet would have been about like that of humans, ranging in size.

Tails - Though this is their main weakness, with time and work, this weakness can actually be overcome.  This strong appendage is powerful enough to send a person flying through a wall should they be whipped by it (example of it is Raditz using it in the beginning against Krillin in the beginning of the Saiyan Saga).  Their tail also serves as a third hand if needbe and also a gland within their tail allows the transformation into the Oozauru form.

Saiyans live by the old adage, "What doesn't kill me only makes me stronger."  This is literally true.  A Saiyan that is defeated comes back stronger after each near fatal injury.  As stated by Vegeta in the graphic novels while fighting against Dadoria, Saiyans grow stronger with each defeat and the stronger the opponent, the more power Saiyans gain after they fully recover.

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